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I know this is a trendy concept right now, but maybe there is something to it.  I am working on feeling gratitude instead of impatience, frustration, and even anger.  All those negative emotions were building up and I was not happy.  I think it does make a difference with how I feel, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  There were times I felt “sick” because of the negative emotion I was feeling.  It makes sense that these are considered to be toxic, because that is very much how it feels.

And it’s not to say that it’s easy.  I suppose it’s as the saying goes: anything worth having is worth working towards.  Also, people are – and should be – a constant work-in-progress.  If we learned it all by the time we were 20, or 40 or 60, what’s the purpose?

So everyday, at some point, I will find something to be grateful for.  Some days it’s a struggle, but when I really focus on this thing, this idea, this moment where I can find something that brings me joy, that makes me appreciate what I have, what I can offer, what I do, then it grows.  It can be something basic, like taking a shower.  Yet how many people cannot shower.  How many people cannot afford to shower, and/or don’t have access to a shower?  Is the water always warm, like mine?  Can they use pretty scented soap and shampoo, and enjoy the feel of a loofah all over their body?  From there, it doesn’t have to stop.  You can take those feelings and do something good with them.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter, or donate funds.  Buy these products and give them to places that need them.  Raise awareness.  Give something back.

So gratitude can start with just a feeling, and become something more.  That’s why I feel it’s so important to experience it everyday.  Because it becomes something tangible, and creates something amazing.

I’m sure I will be writing something more about Gratitude again.  Perhaps where it’s taken me.  What I’ve learned from it.  How I can become more like the person I want to be.

What are you grateful for?

Updated: February 26, 2017 — 9:15 am

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